rare and great penguins!

so far, the first one was straw000!!! but this one is more cool. he gives comments a lot too! he is… call99!

lets see who’s next!:D


club penguin comics





haha! enjoy!

new mission sneak peek


this is the new mission sneak peek. i think you will have to find herbert and inform the psa then an agent will arrive to arrest him!

director of the psa


the shadow in the mirror . could it be the director? if you hover your mouse over it, the moderator sign will shine!

annoying sounds!


press and hold the w button when you are holding a bell!



standing on the passage way is super easy. all you do is to click on the path with the arrow sign, before you reach the end,  click on the newspaper or the mail. then close it. so you will find yourself standing on the path!

12 sure tips on how to get to ninja quickly!

This is my first guide so please give your fullest comments!!!


this is the ninja belt legend!!!

you will need to suceed in 5 battles before you can get the white belt!!!

1.) first, go to the mat where the sensei sits and talk to him, then you will learn to play card jitsu!!! and you will also receive the starter deck!

2.)the more you battle, the higher you will get!!! so challenge the other students in order to climb up to the black belt!!!

3.) try to choose your cards randomly!!! it gives you a higher chance of winning!!!

4.) battle in the competition mode when you talk to the sensei. He will see you improve and will award you accordingly!!!

5.) do not focus on winning!!! focus on your cards!!!

6.) did you know that challenging a higher levelled penguin will enable you to earn more points?

7.) stay very calm during your battle!

8.) Even when your on a losing streak, do not give up!!! a true ninja has great patience!!!

9.)the game will be slightly and frustrating. so do not stress yourself too much. i myself took more than 4 days to do it!

10.)when facing a tough opponent and the possibilities of you losing are high, do not give up! even if you lose, you will get a few points!


11.) There are two ways to beat your opponent!! First way is to have cards of same types with different colors, second way is to have cards of different types with different colors!!

12.)BE really random, so random that you will fool your opponent! they will then won’t have the opportunity of predicting what is your next move!


have fun duelling!